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Found Memories

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Having a smart phone at arms reach is a dangerous thing to photo enthusiasts. We are guilty of having hundreds of photos on our phones that we completely forget about and not bother trying to find. With today's technology we are allowed to take as many photos as we want at any time of the day, by giving us this freedom we lose a lot of emotion that is usually attached with the photos.

This is where Found Memories comes in. Found Memories is a simple app that reminds you of a special moment that you captured in the past. Giving you complete control to choose the time of day, how often you want to receive a past photo, and from which photo album you would like it to choose your memory.

Once you are all set up, Found Memories will notify you with a past photo that you may have forgotten. That's when you will be able to re share your photo via social media, leave a note on the photo to help you find it easier next time, trash it if you never want to see it again, or keep that photo and place it into a special Found Memories album. From this album you will be able to print multiple photos using third party companies like Blurb or Shutterfly.